PEEF Scholarships for Master Level Students 2024

PEEF Scholarships for Master Level Students 2024

In its relentless Pursuit of educational equity and excellence. The Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF) annually Allocates a quota For Master’s Level Scholarships, These Scholarships serve as a Beacon of Hope For Talented and Deserving Students. Offering Them The Opportunity To pursue advanced degrees at esteemed partner universities, This comprehensive guide Aims To Provide detailed insights into The PEEF Master Level Scholarships, including Eligibility Criteria. Application Process. disbursement Procedures. and The Overarching impact on Students. Educational Journeys

PEEF Master Level Scholarships: Empowering Education and Opportunity

Eligibility Criteria,

To be eligible for The Esteemed PEEF Master Level Scholarships. applicants must meet The Following Criteria.

  1. Punjab Domicile: Applicants Must Hold Punjab domicile. Ensuring That The Scholarships Benefit residents of The Province.
  2. Academic Excellence Requirement. Candidates Must have Achieved a minimum of 60% Marks or a CGPA of at least 2.5 in Their undergraduate Examinations Conducted During The Sessions of 2021.22. 2022.23. or 2023,24 (both spring and fall) from institutions in Punjab. This Criterion Emphasizes The Significance of academic Merit in The Selection Process for Scholarships,
  3. Admission as Full-Time Student: Successful applicants Should have Secured Admission as Full-Time Students in The Current Academic year (2023-24) at one of PEEF’s partner universities or Degree-awarding institutions. This requirement Ensures That scholarship Recipients are Actively engaged in Their academic pursuits.
    Session and Income Criteria: Students Enrolled in fall/Spring Sessions and Morning/afternoon/evening sessions are eligible to apply. Additionally, Candidates’ parents’ Declared Monthly income from all Sources Should be Equal To or less Than sixty Thousand rupees (Rs. 60,000/-). However, Children of government Employees in BPS 1-4 and Civilians Martyred in Terrorist attacks are exempted From The income Criterion.
    Not Availing Other Scholarships: Applicants must not be Availing any other Educational Scholarship during The current academic year. This Stipulation Ensures Equitable distribution of Scholarship resources.

Application Process:

Navigating The application Process for PEEF Master Level Scholarships entails The following Steps

  • 1 University Allocations: PEEF Distributes Scholarship quotas To its partner universities, Empowering Them with The Tasks of advertising, informing, Shortlisting, and Selecting Students. This Decentralized Strategy guarantees Efficient Communication and Management of Scholarship Opportunities at The institutional level.
  • 2. Application Form: Prospective students can download the scholarship application form from the official PEEF website or request it from the financial aid office of their respective universities. The application form serves as a crucial document, encapsulating candidates’ academic achievements, financial backgrounds, and personal statements.
  • 3. Submission: Once duly filled, applicants must submit the scholarship application form to the designated university office. Direct submissions to PEEF are not entertained, emphasizing adherence to university-specific procedures.

Disbursement of Scholarship Stipends:

PEEF meticulously manages the disbursement of scholarship stipends to ensure timely and efficient support for scholars. Key aspects of the disbursement process include.

  1. Biannual Disbursement. Scholarship stipends are disbursed on a biannual basis. providing financial assistance to students at regular intervals throughout their academic journey.
  2. Academic Performance Requirement. The release of the next scholarship installment is contingent upon the receipt of acknowledgment of the previous stipend and the submission of satisfactory academic performance and scholar assessment reports by the university or degree-awarding institution,
  3. Sustained Support. PEEF scholarships are awarded until the completion of the degree course in which the student is enrolled. However. scholarship cancellation may occur if students fail to maintain the required academic performance or are involved in disciplinary actions.

Application Procedure:

The PEEF has Assigned Scholarship Quotas to all Partner universities. The university is Responsible for Advertising. notifying, Shortlisting. and Selecting Students. Prospective Students can Download The Scholarship Application Form from the PEEF website and Submit The completed Form to Their respective university. Alternatively. They Can request The Scholarship Application Form From The Financial aid Office of Their university. Please note That Scholarship Application Forms must be Submitted only to Designated university Offices. Forms Sent Directly to PEEF will not be Considered.

FAQs for PEEF Scholarships for Master Level Students 2024:

FAQs for PEEF Scholarships for Master Level Students 2024:

What is the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)

PEEF is an Organization Dedicated to Promoting Educational Equity and excellence in Punjab. Pakistan. It Annually allocates Scholarships to Deserving Students to Pursue Higher Education,

What are the eligibility criteria for PEEF Master Level Scholarships

Eligibility criteria include Punjab domicile. Academic excellence With a Minimum of 60% Marks or a CGPA of 2.5 in graduation. Admission as a Full-Time Student in Partner universities. Session and income Criteria. and not Availing Other Scholarships,


How can I apply for PEEF Master Level Scholarships

Prospective Students can Download The Scholarship application Form From The Official PEEF Website or Request it From Their university’s Financial aid office. The Completed Form Must be Submitted to the designated university office,

Which universities participate in the PEEF Master Level Scholarships program

PEEF partners with various universities and Degree-awarding institutions in Punjab to Administer The Scholarship program. Applicants Should Check with Their Respective universities For eligibility and Application Procedures,

How are scholarship stipends disbursed?

Scholarship Stipends are Disbursed Biannually. Contingent upon The Submission of Satisfactory Academic Performance Reports by The university. The next installment is released Upon acknowledgment of The previous stipend,

What happens if a student fails to maintain academic performance or is involved in disciplinary actions

PEEF Scholarships are Awarded until The Completion of The degree Course. but Scholarship Cancellation may occur if Students Fail to meet Academic Requirements or engage in Disciplinary Actions,


Is there any provision for students from low-income backgrounds or specific exemptions

Yes, children of government employees in BPS 1-4 and civilians martyred in Terrorist Attacks are Exempted from The income Criterion,


Can scholarship recipients avail of other educational scholarships simultaneously

No. Applicants must not be Availing any Other Educational Scholarship during The Current Academic year To be Eligible For PEEF Master Level Scholarships,


How long does the scholarship support last

PEEF Scholarships are Awarded until The Completion of The degree Course in which The Student is Enrolled. Provided They Maintain The required academic Performance,


What is the overarching goal of PEEF Master Level Scholarships

The goal of PEEF Master Level Scholarships is to Foster Educational Access and Excellence in Punjab by Providing Financial Assistance To Deserving Students. Empowering Them to Pursue Advanced Degrees and Catalyzing Positive Transformations in individuals’ lives and Society,



In conclusion. The PEEF Master Level Scholarships Stand as a Testament to The Organization’s unwavering Commitment To Fostering Educational Access and Excellence in Punjab. By Providing Financial Assistance to Deserving Students and Empowering Them to Pursue Advanced Degrees, PEEF Catalyzes Positive Transformations in individuals’ lives and Society at large. Aspiring Scholars are Encouraged to Seize This Opportunity. navigate The application Process Diligently. and Embark on a Journey of Academic Fulfillment and growth. Through The PEEF Master Level Scholarships, The pursuit of knowledge Transcends Barriers, Opening Doors to a world of Opportunity and Possibility,

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