NADRA PAKISTAN LATEST JOBS|Paper Pattern|How to apply|jobs 2024 in pakistan

NADRA PAKISTAN LATEST JOBS|Paper Pattern|How to apply| prime jobs 24

NADRA PAKISTAN LATEST JOBS | prime jobs 24 in pakistan

The announcement of very great jobs all over Pakistan, both male and female candidates can apply. In your city, which is the office of NADERA, there will be posting of your people NADRA Pakistan prime jobs 24

This is rare in the federal government, so without wasting time, let me tell you that I will solve every question related to these jobs in today’s news, God willing. The criteria are how to apply, what is the paper better, and what steps you will have to go through, ok, I am going to share this very important and informative news in front of people, I will not waste any of your time. prime jobs 24

How to apply prime jobs 24

Ok i am going to tell you step by step so first of all check this post name junior executive training ok boss name is j junior executive training age in it maximum which is from you guys right? 25 years is the remaining relaxation, I will tell you later what is mentioned in the instruction below.

Let’s talk about education. If you don’t even give simple entrance, if you have passed 12th class, science arts in any subject then you can apply eligible. What is the mica qualification of na graduation to er for er ps owner?


In science art someone’s back, you are still eligible but you are caged and there is relaxation regarding the age, I am going to tell you further. It will be 35 thousand, but you should not worry at all. In 35 thousand, you have to add the extras that will be their charges, what will they be? Also, you will get extra charges, so you don’t have to worry at all

Salary Junior employ prime jobs 24

You don’t have 35,000 salary, the token charges are ok, it depends on you, it’s ok, how many days do you take, it will increase. It is a little bit if we talk about the price of PK, but it will be an increment of people per year

There will be an increase in the annual budget and the next most important thing is that you will also have a proportion, so that you will get benefits, so you should definitely apply for it, considering that it is a good opportunity. Because these are government department jobs, next, most important, check them out

Five years contract prime jobs 24 in pakistan

Five years contract is base, fivets means their permality, ok, no matter how much you guys, there won’t be any problem, it’s ok, it’s a five-year contract to get the rest of you out. Awarding will be given to them by writing a match. I will tell you one more thing that the director who is in Nadir is also a contact.

But further, it is opened, Naderra did not employ his employees, he does not miss anywhere, candidates, then check these up, those who go to tehsil of Sargodha are fine. Sports and religion are fine to sow Chinyut. Hafizabad becomes Faisalabad city.



Short quote open taxi, load, earn, Monday, Nowshar, I am billing the US from the real money, this is yours, they have done the mansion right now, Din Nowshera goes, Din Quaid goes to Abad, Khushab goes, check it up. In front of each city, they have made new post-mansions

Your posting will be how many numbering Scotty, is the rest of this test date also mentioned that for example, it is scattered, it is fine, and from Darya Khan to Bakr to Fitna, it is fine for all those tehsils that will be tested, right? It will be on 26th February 2024. Well, there is no lengthy process in them. Look, there is a test on 26th and there is an interview on 4th and 5th.

Trainee jobs Junior

And further in one to two weeks you guys will also get upper letter in very short notice. Their tests are written by value-added people

Toba taxi kojra kumariya peer balti hai they will have test on 1st march and interview up people will be connected on 8th march nadrara pakistan is ok which are your diesels i have opened sargodha and The rest of this test value is also written by him

Nadera office Shaheen is fine, Lahore Road, Sargodha, there will be a test and an interview with your people, which is the original head office in Sargodha. I am going to inform you that you have traveled a little bit, some terms and conditions are written below

It is taken from Peshawar. Look at Kohat, Farther Kohat, which is female only. This is tehsil-wise, they have mentioned one. Even in Peshawar, his series is going on in almost every tehsil.

Districts under Lahore are also tehsils

All the districts under Lahore are also tehsils, so see this, they have not mentioned the mansion. It is fine. And below, Lahore Cantt, Lahore City Rayon is fine. As for the picture, the mansions are not all the candidates of these tehsils. I have told you that these are the further dates for the further interview

The important information will be his, ok, so I don’t want the important information I provide you in a single news, below are the same terms and conditions that I have already told you. The most important thing was, yes, it happened that the tehsils are also their mission, and you also found out how to apply.

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Paper Pattern NADRA PAKISTAN prime jobs 24

What will be your test there, what will be their paper beater, see online their test will be kept in your mind, you will be tested on the computer, after the verification of the documents, they will send you to a room, it will come. Where there will be a computer lab is fine, you have to give the test on the computer. First of all, what you have to do is the typing test. It is fine. There can be a lecture. First, you can type the MCQs.

Or later their typing is done but normally it has been seen that first of all the typing test is done by you people, ok the total marks are the route put of you people I think 50 or 60 MCQs 20 The MCQs are done, it’s okay, the more you correct them, the more your marks will be secured.

Paper Pattern

20 marks will be for people’s non-typing, out of which they will take as many marks as they can, according to the good speech they will get, they will be given no marks. The system has done its coding up people, but there masks will also be shown, it is fine by making tests and typing

There will be nine tests, typing test, and the MCQ base of the people will be based on the test question. From where will the 20 MCQs be, and what time will they be? Yes, they have also mentioned it on their website, which has some IQ level questions.


This question is only a sample paper and the rest of the EG questions will be three to four and the next one will be some error checking that there may be some spelling mistakes and also a couple of questions of Further Analoging. There will be a question of English also there will be a question of Math also there will be a question of General Science also there will be two or three questions in total I will have 20 questions. There is a duration and you have to cover 20 MCQs in this duration

Further, there is a diving test

Further, there is a diving test, in this you have to practice in your home with a good friend, it is not so difficult, there is no past fail in it, there is no concealer, in this you have to try to make sure that your book is good. Secure K Marks to maximize your chances of getting on your merit OK and DAN the day you complete your Testo Typing Test Me.

Further, the candidates who will come on merit will be updated by calling the coding up people that you have been shop-listed. The procedure is fine, there will be a simple test, there will be an interview, and you guys will complete the final recruitment process, as I told you at the start of Ready News that their recruitment process would be completed very quickly. Is

That all the information related to the job has been shared with the people, which is going on in the minds of the people at that time, okay, then you will know the rest, tehsil, etc. Must have checked


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