China new mini car Only 1 Lakh

China new mini car Only 1 Lakh

Mini Car Chinese is Presented

In this era of rising inflation, a Chinese mini car is presented to you which you can get on a budget of 2.5 lakhs, and how you can buy this car in Pakistan. Looking at the car it seems that this car offers luxury features but China has created a masterpiece China mini family car which is a very popular car in China.

Cooperation between China and Pakistan

After that this car was introduced in Karachi after the cooperation of China Pakistan in Pakistan The car which is currently a test unit it is available in Karachi and you can also book this car in the future, you can book this vehicle on installments as well Now let’s talk about what features you get inside this Utah minicar.

Display Detail

And what is the final price of this vehicle First if I talk about the features of the car all the features that you get on the body in this car are inside the display detail and you have the option of LED headlights in the car. They are given because the system in the car is not on the engine it is fully an EV car it is an electric vehicle and you can see the interior of the car What I like best about this car is that it is designed for a small family.

Small Car in Pakistan

Because it is cheap and most people like small car and their need is mostly small car in Pakistan Pakistan after the cooperation of China now you have the interior of the car in front of you as there is multimedia along with the steering wheel The car has comfortable seats in the steering wheel two passengers can travel and the one passenger can sit on the front sheet and the back seat can also be opened, meaning three people can travel in the car You get a good amount of board space in the trunk of the car.

Small Car in Pakistan

Mini Car China can Launch

In which you can carry luggage etc. or extra luggage. Believe it will be the cheapest car of 23 because such cars are very lucky and only China can launch this car in Pakistan. You know that Toyota Honda and Suzuki have launched in Pakistan like Honda City with manual transmission 1200 cc engine this car is currently priced at Rs 40 lakh so guess yourself if you are in low budget. If China is supplying the car, you have the car.

Mini Car in Your budget

It should be taken and it is good for your family and it is a car in your budget too if we come to some engine profile of this car this car does not have engine as I told you in the beginning was Diya Tha Full EV Car is an electric vehicle in which you get beautiful 11-inch rims the car is fitted with very good tires and it has a battery of 6000 kw.

Mini car drive For up To 120 km

Inside the car which is fully charged in one hour and after charging it gives you a talk time of 120 km on a full charge which means you can drive for up to 120 km and you have the car. It only needs to be charged once. And the car has 390 liters of space this car is being introduced in Pakistan in a budget of 2 to 2.5 lakh.

Mini car drive For up To 120 km

because it’s an Affordable Car

It is around 800 to 900 dollars, but now let’s see when the final announcement of this car is and how much is the minimum down payment for this car It won’t matter because it’s an affordable car and you can buy it in installments.

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