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Benazir Program 2024 Three Good News

Benazir Program 2024 Three Good News New Update

Benazir will share with you the most important updates regarding Income Support Program as the installments of all BISP assistance programs have been increased as well as the updates that many people have been waiting for. A new type of payment system is being introduced and along with it a new scheme is also being launched and the biggest news for all of you is that the payment check under the Benazir Income Support Program A method is being introduced by which you will be able to check your money sitting at home, the complete details are shared with you.Benazir Program 2024


And will also tell you how much the installments of all the aid programs released under BISP have increased and along with this an additional installment will also be released under which an additional amount of Rs.3 thousand will be given to the people. If found, it will be distributed among the people. We also share this with you and let us also tell you that those who are already eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program, of course for those families who The measures being taken by the Benazir Income Support Program are nothing short of a lottery

اپنے گھرانے کی اہلیت کے بارے میں جانیۓ

Benazir Income Support Program

Of course, this is a great fortune for you people and those who have not yet been able to join the Benazir Income Support Program even though they have completed the survey, then some of the most important details will be shared in this video so that they can The most important information regarding how long people can be eligible, those who have done the survey before, how long they will get the installment and those who have yet to do the survey, then the most important information regarding this is with you in today’s video. If you want to share, yes, viewers keep sharing authentic information with people regarding aid programs, so here at the first place, we will tell you how much of the installments received under the aid programs of BISP. How much has it increased?

Benazir Kafalat program| installments

So, first of all, regarding Benazir Kafalat program, let’s clear you that according to the next schedule of Benazir Kafalat program, the installment of 9 thousand rupees was to be released, so increase it by 1500 rupees to 10500 rupees. It has been extended and let us also clarify that the next installment of Benazir Kafalat Program will be released to all the families of 10500 rupees. No news. 10Hz 500 for all

Benazir Program 2024 installments

The installments of Rs are going to be released and now let us tell you about the education explanation that the installments of education scholarships for the children of those people were earlier from 1500 rupees to 4 thousand rupees, now the education scholarships for the children of all those people will be released. The installments have been increased by 5500 rupees, that is, if someone had 1500 rupees earlier, now he will get 2000 rupees, and if someone had 4000 rupees, he will now have 4500 rupees.

It means that the installment per child has increased by 500 rupees and along with this, let us tell you about the installment of the development program that even if you people were to receive a monthly installment of 1000 rupees, it would be 1500 rupees. And if there was a monthly installment of 1500 rupees, then it became 2 z rupees, which means that an installment of five hundred rupees has also been increased. There is great news for the people belonging to that now there is no need for women to be eligible under the Benazir Kafalat program to register in the development program there.

Benazir Program 2024 dynamic survey

Just they should have a dynamic survey whether they are eligible for the Benazir Kafalat program or not, simply their poverty score should be below 60 then they will be eligible for the Benazir Development Program. Let us tell you that a bonus installment of 3 thousand rupees is also being started by the Benazir Income Support Program, so this bonus installment of 3 thousand rupees will be given to those people whose children also receive money for educational scholarships.

And if one of their daughters has passed the examination of the fifth class and is now enrolled in the sixth class, then in this case an additional installment of 3 thousand rupees will be given in the name of this girl. Let’s take a look at when the new people will join the Benazir Income Support Program i.e. the people who have already registered.

Benazir Program 2024

Benazir Income Support Program has issued a new update

Benazir Income Support Program has issued a new update that the new and old registered families, whether these families are still under examination or those who are yet to undergo a new survey, when will these people be included? If the investigation is going on or they have to do the survey now, then all these people will be eligible in the Benazir Kafalat program in July 2024 and an installment of Rs. 10,500 will be issued to these people. Let us tell you that the Benazir Income Support Program is creating great facilities to ease the difficulties of all of you.

First of all, let us tell you that the agent system that is running before, under which you people are facing a lot of problems, that there is a lot of cuts, there is no consideration for the dignity of women, so now you should leave this system. People are going to get relief, so instead of this, the banking system is going to be started for the people under the Benazir Income Support Program, so let’s make it clear that under the banking system, the people will be able to open their bank accounts. You will have to deposit and after that the installments of the Benazir Kafalat program will be released to you in your deposited bank accounts without any risk of deduction and along with this a new scheme is also being issued under which you 500 per month to people.

Savings account which will be opened:

From Rs.1000 to Rs.1000 should be deposited from your pocket in the savings account which will be opened in your name under this new scheme by Benazir Income Support Program and after depositing that amount you will get 40 You will get percentage profit. The money you deposit will also be safe but instead 40 percent profit will be released to your bank account which you will be able to get anytime but the amount you Will deposit into this account from your own pocket

That amount will continue to be accumulated. After two years of your registration in this bank, you will be able to get that amount once. Suppose if you keep depositing 1000 rupees a month, then 24 out of 24 months. People will be able to get 1000 rupees on a single date and these 24 thousand people will have deposited in this bank account from their own pocket, but that is 40 percent profit of every month, that is 400 rupees. The profit will be made and you can receive it whenever you want.

Benazir Program 2024

People keep withdrawing money

Even if you people keep withdrawing money from your accounts after a year, if you go and withdraw it from your account, then this scheme is not going to be started on behalf of the Benazir Income Support Program, and God willing, within one or two months, it will be started. The registration will be released all over the country and along with this, let us also inform you that the final payment for the new payments of the Benazir Income Support Program will be released only then.

When the new episode of Benazir Kafalat program will start, we will also tell you that the new system for checking the payments of Benazir Kafalat program will also be the new payment system of BISP.

For which the people of each province will be managed through a call center, that is, if there are any complaints or problems with the people, then those people will be contacted by the Benazir Income Support Program. You will be able to solve your problems by contacting the call center that has been created. If you want to check your payment, then you will also be able to check it through the same call center. The phone numbers for this will be Benazir Income. They will be listed very soon by the support program, so whatever new updates will be available, we will also share them with you. Until then, Allah Hafiz.

Benazir Program 2024

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