Skin a cream is also called Vitaminate

Skin a cream is also called Vitaminate | Skin aqua sunblock

Skin a cream is also called Vitaminate

Friends yesterday a brother asked us to review a skin cream. Does not matter. Skin cream is also called vitaminate cream or we call it by retinoic acid, retinol, tretinoin, and all these names. If there is a cream, well, then we will discuss the use of the cream, its use, the method of its use, because many people use the wrong method, which has side effects. are skin a cream

Skin a cream First let’s Talk About its users

And finally, what are the side effects of caution before noise? First, let’s talk about its users. All three of these skin a cream are used for problems. No. To Anti-aging number 3. It is used here for hyperpigmentation or acne or freckles because it is retinoic acid.

Skin a cream It’s used in Both Cases

So, whether the information is your own, here’s the non-information, it’s used in both cases, okay, it  creates acne on your blocked ports, okay, then it gets it out of there, okay. Removes new skin from underneath, gently exfoliates, massages and removes acne and scars.

Skin a cream It's used in Both Cases

It should Then be Applied

Now how to apply it in acne? First, you should wash it with face wash. It should then be applied to acne support after cleansing at night. All you have to do is apply the skin a cream on the acne support with this hand. You have to put it on but you have to put it on for three to four hours, just leave it on for three to four hours at night and then wash it off.

So you have Rashes

Don’t overuse it overnight because it’s sensitive to your skin, it’s exfoliating, so you have rashes, or other issues, or other issues. You have to apply it for 3 to 4 hours and then use it like this for a week, after that you can use it or not. The toilet will bear it. Second, anti-aging is used skin a cream

Skin is shed, blood

Well, it’s exfoliating, which is your fine lines, small fine lines or wrinkles. New skin is shed, blood circulation is increased, which increases your collagen production and improves skin elasticity. After that, wash off. You have to apply it for the third four hours at night. The first week is fine. skin a cream

Skin a cream Clear Your Skin

Leave it on for three to four hours for a week or two to clear your skin, then apply a toner and wash off in the morning. Even with acne and unscented in that case, try applying it because perfume or alcohol will nourish it and cause redness, then apply a sand screen. For hyperpigmentation or freckles, such as rosin acid, any acid is glycolic acid, directinic acid, or sulfated.

Promotes new Skin

All of these are exfoliating, they exfoliate your skin from the top which removes the new stuff which is dead skin, promotes new skin, increases skin turnover and what you mentioned above. Is. Anti-aging up should only be used twice a week. It should be used twice a week for three to four hours. After that, if you leave it on for two weeks, it is not difficult because the skin tolerates it. It is cleaned and sanitized. Even in hyperpigmentation, you have to do the same thing. All fees can be applied here in the area where pigmentation occurs.

Because it Then goes to The even Skin

You can put it there, okay, then try it and put it all over the place, because it then goes to the even skin-to-skin, making all the current the same, so you can put it all over the face. And you can apply until you get the result, the method is the same. You have to wear it for three to four hours for the first week or two. After that, you leave it for the whole night and take the size of your piece. You have to apply it to the grain, not more. Put it on and you’ll fall asleep. You should take it equal to a gram grain and apply it. Crystallized, it is also used as an antiaging agent and for hyperpigmentation.

Skin aqua Sunblock

Sunplay has Aqua Clear Light Sunscreen SPS Plus Plus which provides maximum protection from the sun’s rays and has a white range of sunscreens but is the only once sunscreen available in Pakistan. Available priced at 1976. Which is easily available at any medical store.

Skin aqua Sunblock

If you are Tired of using Many Sunscreens

This is a very amazing sunscreen. If you are tired of using many sunscreens like me, none of them suit your skin, then you must try this sunscreen. I also recommend Demon Killer. Since then I have been using this sunscreen which is suitable for all skin types be it combination skin, normal, dry or oily skin. The TML product is here.

Skin a cream Lotion Type Texture

A simple once-in-a-lifetime skin screen that provides sun protection and is also used as a simple moisturizer. It has a lotion type texture, thus it has an easy blender texture and gets absorbed into our skin very quickly.

People with oily Skin

The funniest part is that it doesn’t leave any whites out at all. Another good thing is that it is waterproof. People with oily skin won’t put it off at all. It’s proof and you won’t sweat at all. Third point, it is non-comedo which means it does not cause male acne at all. It is suitable for all skin types and perfect for summer season. can use

After Washing Your Face

Now let’s talk about how to apply it, how to apply it, all the instructions, all the details are listed in the box above, after washing your face you have to apply sunscreen and then apply moisturizer so that your entire screen is locked. You need to reapply it every couple of hours, whether you are indoors or outdoors. You should apply sunscreen.

After Washing Your Face

Skin a cream Must For Women Because

Applying sand screen every two hours and indoors is a must for women because they don’t understand that we’re not going out in the sun, so we don’t need to apply it. You don’t need much of it as you go in front of the basin in the kitchen so you have to reapply every two hours the only negative point is that they give us an ActML product. If you look at it, it is a bit expensive but if you talk about a good sunscreen, if we stay in this budget, it is a very good sunscreen.

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