How ASP Shehrbano Saved a Woman from a Mob in Lahore

How ASP Shehrbano Saved a Woman from a Mob in Lahore|कैसे एएसपी शहरबानो ने लाहौर में एक महिला को भीड़ से बचाया

How ASP Shehrbano Saved a Woman from a Mob in Lahore

ASP Shehrbano Saved a Woman from a Mob in Lahore Pakistan

How ASP Shehrbano Saved a Woman from a Mob in Lahore ,The woman is very scared and Mog who is in charge of many religions says that yes she is wearing a pair of naooz ballah naooz ballah with Quranic verses and says yes you are wearing this, change it. “Do it,” the woman tells him.

If the cylinder on the stoop pushes it, the shop can catch fire, but right in front of the shop where we have kept the lady safely safe, when the Mog who is running behind us, we received a call at 15. At around 1:30 p.m., this Pakistani square, which falls within the limits of Ijara, has committed a Nauz Ballah Blossoms act.

Caller preferred to remain anonymous:

The caller preferred to remain anonymous and only mentioned that it was a woman, they wore something with calligraphy on it and she looked like Naoozballah that she was averse to them. The Qur’an is hidden when this information comes and they reach the occasion, then there are some people around

Those people are surrounded by the shop. There is a woman inside the shop. Our senior police officer is also present. On the spot, Dolphin also responds. Then this thing is in front of her. This woman is very scared and What Mog is is a charge of many religions.

ASP Shehrbano Difficulties that we Faced

The difficulties that we faced in grounding it were the primary three. First of all, the people who saw the Pakistani Chowk would have guessed that the main feroze has been pushed far enough from the road, so the vehicle that drove around here. Access is very difficult. Second, the streets are very narrow. Third, considering a shop is a community.

They have their own mind set. Well, when these things are brought before us, another thing is noticed that the shop in which we have kept the lady safely is right in front of the shop which is on fire. So, the first thing that comes to mind is that if this mob gathers and pushes it against the store cylinder, then the store may catch fire. This is what we call a trigger.

First of all, whatever news reaches you

There was a cap inside it, then we arranged a veil and covered his face and later told the people not to take the law into their own hands. First of all, whatever news reaches you, research it and verify

So we will also verify this entire statement if they present this thing in front of us that Naooz Allah a verse of the Quran has been written on it, then we will take action on it also, then we will refer the past actions. Take that even within the past where an act has unfortunately been committed which is of a plastic nature.

ASP Shehrbano Someone’s religious sentiments:

Or if he has hurt someone’s religious sentiments, the police station which is our Achara and which is the Punjab Police is very reluctant to respond to the FIR. The most difficult stage was when we were not taking the lady from the shop

And again, despite saying many times, when death is running behind us, until we got on the road in Main Feroze, the personal information of the woman has been released as much as the mobile phones. One’s sister is one’s daughter, one’s wife, so keeping this thing in mind

As for the initial things that were revealed, it was basically calligraphy, there was no old verse, the word written on it has been circulated on social media. By putting it in the search engine, you can see the translation of the word, the meaning of the word is Goodness Life Humanity, so basically it is an important or popular brand.

She is wearing a dress from a Muslim country

Outside, she is wearing a dress from a Muslim country, so let me add the situation at this time. It was that the woman was not the only one, the president was present with her husband. has identified

So he has said that yes, he is wearing a pair of naooz ballah, naooz ballah, with one verse of the Qur’an, another person arrives at the same time, he takes the woman to the side and says that yes, you are wearing this. Hey, change it, the lady says, why change it?

ASP Shehrbano People start coming together:

When people start coming together, then the situation gets out of control and people feel like there is some Quranic verse written on it, the way rumor spreads and Mog Psychology works. He insulted her, and the woman did not mean this thing, so far as it is concerned to take action after that.

So basically it’s a reality that’s caused by confusion, miscommunication, lack of research, word of mouth, mob psychology, and the videos that come out later. Some scholars are sitting in it

With the woman who was videoed on the bases of the Consent and inside it also reveals that there was confusion and there was a leak of communication which is our concern if we talk about it all. Before it was that the sanity respect and life of this woman should remain what it is

view it as a course of justice

That we should not take the law into our hands and view it as a course of justice, what we are talking about very openly and we are analyzing it, it looks very good in hindsight. It is very easy that the legal action should have been immediate. Why didn’t he wear a jacket on top of Red or why was he not wearing a helmet at that time?

Or why the bullet fired at that time or why the bullet didn’t fire at that time or why the police didn’t respond five minutes ago or why the police responded five minutes later or why the police officer argued here if the situation had gone out of control then I am now The cameramen must be asking the question, why did you not wait for APC, why did you not wait for this thing?

APC, why did you not wait for this thing

That you could hurt the woman, the measure could break on it, it could break, you didn’t see that, you should have bought a car in which the woman would be safe, when we looked at the things behind. It is very easy to talk about all these things in the recruspet. When we are looking at things, the in-ground officer who is inside should be given a little room.

So that he can make it clear that the situations themselves are such that you have to think long-term. wrote his life, he had to think about it, so that’s why he removed that video and that confusion and that all the seculars sat together.

And it was very important to make it clear that this happened only on the basis of miscommunication and confusion, so that it becomes an example for the live and health professionals and all the social strata of our society tomorrow. That we have to research first ,ASP Shehrbano

Listen to the words of the police

Then we have to listen to the words of the police, the religious cadres, political leaders, police officers, station house officers, supervisory officers who have stood up, after that we have to take some steps and that too while staying within the law. The country and our nation will be saved from many such situations which we will later regret

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