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China Pakistan under CPEC

China is offering its experiences observations and even moving its industry to Pakistan In such an economic situation these development opportunities from China are of great importance for Pakistan at this time Through China Pakistan under CPEC Pakistan is a new trading partner in the race to improve its economic conditions by joining this important cause, China is the country that has made its mark in the world in the field of industry

China’s annual exports

Nowadays most Chinese products are sold all over the world China is the largest supplier of products to the world China’s annual exports to the world are up to 71 trillion dollars In terms of smartphone exports alone, China is worth $238 million a year To transport these products to the world China is rehabilitating land, sea air and rail routes around the world under the Belton Road Initiative to facilitate imports Rather under these projects China is also transferring its industry to its partner countries.

Employment opportunities

This is a game-changer project that will benefit not only China but also partner countries in a big way and provide opportunities for growth by relocating industry to other countries. Will the rain bring investment, create employment opportunities, sell local raw materials and above all bring taxes to the country which will support the economy. It also has an important geographical position in the region under CPEC. Above all, China is a close friend of Pakistan and both countries have been offering cooperation to each other for decades.

Economic development

As you know, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, one phase of which has been completed, is part of China’s IRI. Development and cooperation work is being done for the development and socio-economic development of Gwadar. For social development and cooperation, courses to learn the languages of both countries were started in various institutions of Pakistan and China, while modern vocational training institutions in Pakistan. Training is also being given in institutions across Pakistan with the support of China to operate industrial machinery.

China Pakistan under CPEC

In this regard, a training center named China Pakistan Training Center was built in Gwadar where the youth is being trained. I was not there and here the youth are being taught to operate modern machinery with the aim of creating a new skilled workforce in Pakistan. Therefore, hundreds of agreements have been signed between Pakistan and China. For industrial development in Pakistan, China is giving its technology and research to Pakistan in many fields including agriculture, medicine, electronics, automobile, defense.

training and employment

China is offering cooperation to Pakistan in many fields including technology. With this cooperation, training and employment opportunities are available to millions of people in Pakistan. Cooperative Electronic Factories currently account for five percent of Pakistan’s market, producing microwave ovens, water dispensers and other household appliances. Increased migration and investment

China is setting up new industries

As a result, Nasir has increased the number of employees in manufacturing but also in sales marketing and administration, while China is setting up new industries in Pakistan’s economic zones and industrial parks to manufacture electronics products in Pakistan. Not only in Pakistan, there is a high demand in Pakistan as well. . have met will be completed, but will also be exported to other countries in the region. Viewers, in view of the growing climate concerns in the world and to overcome the energy crisis, Pakistan needs alternative affordable energy products. Chinese companies are not included here. Longji Solhit Company is developing its products for making solar panels in Pakistan.

Board of Investment

While more solar panel assembly plants, metal refining plants, fertilizer production plants, food processing plants including dry milk production, seafood processing and meat processing plants are being set up for future investment, while in the future Chinese companies and Pakistan Will work together. Board of Investment. A multi-billion dollar program was launched last year to relocate Chinese industry to Pakistan. If we talk about agriculture, here too, big projects are being implemented between China and Pakistan. Working with the group on agricultural research

Pakistan’s industry is facing problems

And many Chinese companies are investing in corporate farming. Pakistan’s industry is facing problems due to the current economic crisis. The transfer of Chinese industry to Pakistan has created a big gap. This gap can be filled. According to reports, China will initially invest 3 billion dollars to set up an industry in Pakistan, which will be increased to 10 billion dollars. According to the details, Chinese companies are moving their industries in the economic zones of the four provinces of the country to be built in Pakistan.

Pakistan has recently signed

With all the investment, China is going to establish borders in Pakistan for textile, agriculture, food and auto parts manufacturing as Pakistan has recently signed a Free Trade Agreement with China under the Free Trade Agreement. Actions are being taken on a priority basis to lie and reduce which are aimed at immediately supporting Pakistan’s economy. Viewers, China’s exports to Pakistan have reached $54 million in 2023, while Pakistan’s exports to China have increased. Outflows have only been up to $310 million.

Chinese industry to Pakistan

This trade imbalance has been going on for decades and efforts have been made by Pakistan to improve it over the years. Now, with the transfer of Chinese industry to Pakistan, this imbalance will be clearly reduced. The transfer of sugar industry to Pakistan without sector and capitalism is a new way for the bright future of Pakistan which will provide new ways of development to the economy of Pakistan.

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