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Ramadan Relief Package

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First of all, congratulations to you because the distribution of free Atta ration and cash assistance under the Ramadan Relief Package has started. A large number of people have started receiving calls and messages from the government. So who is receiving these calls and messages how long they will get this assistance and how they have registered are available complete details. How can these 25 thousand rupees be received before Eid-ul-Fitr under the Ramadan package and how will registration be done in which people can get this assistance?

I am going to share with you the biggest update of the time regarding the Ramadan Relief Package because a large number of people have started getting calls and messages from the government to get free flour and free ration under the Ramadan Relief Package. And people are being told through these new messages and calls that congratulations, they have qualified for the Gift Hamper Ramadan Relief Package. will be distributed, will also share the most important update information in this regard, of course, now all of you will have the same question in the mind of how the registration in this program has been done, the people who are receiving messages and calls What is the procedure followed by which these persons are qualified in this program then share this procedure with you.

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Ramadan Relief Package | 25000 Eid Ul Fitr

Those who want to receive assistance amount up to 25 thousand rupees under the Ramadan relief package, then there are some necessary and important instructions for those people who have to follow all these correct information, then those people Benazir Income Support Program can get assistance up to 25 thousand rupees before Eid-ul-Fitr under the Ramadan relief package, so we share with you the complete details about how you are eligible for the program of 25 thousand rupees. May be how to register and also tell you about the registration code.

Ramadan Relief Package Muft Atta Milna Shuru

Here, first of all, we would like to inform you with a big update that calls and messages are being sent by the government to a lot of people under the Ramadan relief package and among them, the representatives of the government are telling in the calls and It is written in the message that congratulations you have qualified for the gift hamper under the Ramadan relief package, so there is great news for those people who are receiving these messages or calls that within the next two days. Insiders will start receiving gift hampers under the Ramadan Relief Package and distribution of these gift hampers will be done in two ways. The hampers will be moved and the people around the school who have been eligible for this program will have received calls and messages.

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Ramadan Relief Package

Second method has been adopted

The second method has been adopted that at this time the polio campaign has been started in the entire Punjab, so all the workers who are working in this campaign must be made to work in the distribution of free flour and ration under the Ramadan Relate Package. I, those workers will also deliver this ration to the homes of many people and now the information we are sharing with you regarding the registration of this program is very important information for all of you which should be read.

If you read it carefully, let me tell you that the only attempt made by the government is that the records that the government wanted from the data requested by the Benazir Income Support Program are not that important. It was to be able to go to people’s homes and provide these rations because according to many records, the only record of people was their post office or ward number or check number.

latest update, the data transferred

According to the latest update, the data transferred for the Benazir Income Support Program is not being implemented, it is only estimated that there are about 6.7 million families to whom the government is going to provide relief, but now The calls and messages that people have started receiving are only using the same data of your people, according to which you received free data last year, which is your ID card number and phone number.

It means that you sent messages through the phone number, so this time you are going to receive Muftata through the same phone numbers and ID card numbers, so it is very important for all of you to do this. Keep your phone numbers fully active through which phone numbers you sent SMS last year and you got free Ata and also keep your identity card ready because June is the time of Ramadan Ali package. When the distribution of free flour begins, it will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be nothing but regret.

Ramadan Relief Package

Installment of Rs 10,500/25000 program

The installment of Rs 10,500 program or the new installment of the educational scholarship program has been delayed once again. Because BISP has an agreement with new banks and that is why it is getting delayed and due to the month of Ramadan, these installments will be released to you guys very close to the month of Ramadan so that you guys can get your money in the month of Ramadan. The assistance received under these tranches can be utilized i.e. NI tranches have been included in the Ramadan relief.

Let us inform you about the most important update regarding the Ramadan relief program of 25 thousand rupees that many people are thinking that this installment of 25 thousand rupees is going to be given to us in the form of cash and that all other installments i.e. It is also separate from the type of Benazir sponsorship and education scholarship, so this is a wrong idea of all of you, let us tell you that the Ramadan relief package also includes new installments of the Benazir sponsorship and education scholarship program, which is only for the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Relief Package

In the second place, in the form of free flour and free ration, the people are being given relief up to five thousand rupees, that is, there is a gift tamper of five thousand which is being given to the people free of charge and in addition to the federal government. Under the ration program which has been started, you can also get a discount of up to one thousand rupees. Inshallah, in the next few days, you will be able to provide the ration at the utility stores, the price of which is It will be five thousand rupees, but with a discount, you will be able to get it up to 4 thousand rupees.

Ramadan Relief Package

Signed by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz

In addition, a program of 25 thousand rupees has been signed by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz, which is only an internal ship program, under which students with internal form are given assistance up to 25 thousand rupees by the government. More Apart from this, many big projects are being started by the government of Punjab, such as five cities of Punjab province are going to be made into IT cities, as you know that the era of technology is at this time.

Under which free Wi-Fi internet will be provided in big cities, but work on it has also started at this time and in addition, technology is going to be promoted a lot i.e. a lot of online earning for the youth. The programs that are running, such as freelancing, crypto currency, bitcoin trading, and in addition to this, there are many sources of online earnings through which young people can earn online while sitting at home and also increase the production of the country. So the government is going to take a big step.

How To Apply Online Program

By combining all these aid programs, a total of Rs. 25,000 aid is made, which you can get until the month of Ramadan, so the registration procedures for all these programs are separate. Benazir’s method is separate. There is a separate scheme for the stipend, there is a separate scheme for free flour and ration, and there is also a separate scheme for cheap flour and cheap ration, for which you only need your ID card.

Ramadan Relief Package

Required Documents

  1. You must have your ID card number with you
  2. You must have a SIM registered in your name
  3. You should have information about everyone in your household
  4. Your electricity and gas bills should be there
  5. You should have your monthly income certificate
  6. Your children should have a Bay Form Up
  7. Complete details of the house should be present in the form of documents
  8. You must have two passport-size photographs
  9. If you have done the NSER survey then you should have this information with you

Ramadan Relief Package | Muft Atta Milna Shuru | Apply Online

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