Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Lists Of People Registered In Negahban Program 2024

New lists of Negahban Program Are Opened

Giving you new updates about people who were previously disqualified from the Guardian Program. There is good news for them, now the new list of watcher programs has also been released.

Those who were ineligible are now, you should re-apply for your registration as your name may also be included in the new lists. How do you register? How can you reapply for this program? You will be told all the information in this article. You have to read this article in detail if you live in Punjab you can easily get ration from the Nighaban Ration Program.

Nigban has also released new program listings.

In this article, you are being told that Nigban has also released new program listings. Let me tell you those who were ineligible earlier are now qualified. If you want to register yourself in the Nihgaban program, read this article.

Those who were earlier eligible under Ehsaas Program or BISP Program were disqualified for Nighaban Programme. Now they are also getting qualified so you don’t need to panic. You should re-check your registration and receive ration from the guardian program. The registration procedure is detailed here, you can read it and re-register. If there is no monitoring team in your area, you will still be able to register easily. Here’s how to do it in all the information you need.

BISP Check Registration by ID Card Breaking News Today 2024

How to Check Re-Registration

If you were disqualified when you first registered in the Caregiver Program or when your eligibility was tested. So how can you re-register now? Now neither the monitoring program team comes to your locality nor you can register yourself in this program. So here is how you can get your registration done. So if a team comes to your area you should check your registration with them first. If not, you can go to your union council office or you can go to tehsil office of your area and get your registration checked there. Let you know that those who were previously ineligible have been declared eligible after being included in the new lists.

Ramazan Relief Package Punjab | Negahban Program Rashan | 6000 Muft

Negahban Program re-registration online

Let us know if you would like us to do your online registration at home. In this program you cannot do your registration at home and no online registration method is introduced in this program. You will have to go to the office for registration or when the monitoring program team in your area distributes the rations. If it falls in your area, you can recheck your registration there. If you become eligible again, you will be provided with ration immediately. And you can improve your life in the month of Ramadan by getting this ration. Can control their expenses as inflation has increased a lot.

The Guardian’s new latest update

Here’s how to re-enroll in the Watchdog program when you receive notification of updates. We are committed to providing you with all the information you need, regardless of what information you want, you can find all the information you need on our website.If you cannot register this way, we can give you all the information you need. On our website, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to register and get help for each program. You can read the details and find the solution to your problems.

Last words

If you don’t qualify for this program again, don’t panic. Because new lists are being released again for registration in this program who are eligible but entitled to this program.They are activating but it is happening slowly if you keep checking your registration. So maybe you can register for this program.As new listings come in, the monitoring program team will return to your neighborhood. And will distribute ration to you if you are eligible then you will get ration immediately.

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