Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
CM Punjab Maryam Okays 20,000 Bikes For Students on Easy Installments

Bike LAHORE: The Punjab Government on

Tuesday announced to provide 19,999e bikes to students in easy installments to reduce the burden on students Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz gave the green light to the project during the third cabinet meeting in Lahore, Bike

He said that the government has decided to provide fuel efficient bikes along with electric bikes in easy installments To reduce the burden on students the down payment will be reduced to Rs 25,000 and the monthly installment will also be less than Rs 4,999, Maryam said, Bike

adding that distribution of the bikes would begin from May 2024 25 He also announced the introduction of a separate scheme to give bikes to high achieving students.

Bike The decision to provide motorcycles

to the students in easy installments was taken on the request of former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) supremo Nawaz Sharif, who had earlier announced their number in a meeting of the Punjab government. Asked to increase. .The forum was told that the monthly installment of petrol bikes will be less than Rs 4,999 per month and the monthly installment of e-bikes will be less than Rs 9,999 per month.

In villages, 69% quota was reserved for male and 31% for female students. On this occasion, the Chief Minister ordered that the schedule for receiving requests for bikes should be announced before Eid.

Punjab Government Student E-Bike Program 2024

The e-bike program will help students, working women, youth, and disabled people to participate in this idea. This transportation plan was designed to solve the problems of college and university-going students.

Details about program
Number of E-Bikes 20,000 e-bikes
Number of public buses  657 public buses 

E-Bikes and buses for students by Maryam Nawaz

The newly elected Punjab Chief Minister today promised to empower the youth through initiatives, with Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announcing e-bikes, followed by iPads and free bus services to help students defray transport costs. Help reduce. The country’s first woman chief minister has approved two major transport projects in Punjab and as per her directives, around 20,000 e-bikes and 657 public buses will hit the roads.

Bike Evaluation of the progress of the transportation project 

In a meeting with senior officials, Chief Minister Maryam reviewed the progress of the transportation project to increase student comfort. 

Maryam Nawaz proposed to reduce the cost of low-income housing and set a date for land acquisition for large-scale housing in the city. It also introduced measures to reduce the overall cost of housing.


The school transport system for women started specifically for students seeking higher education. He was facing numerous problems. So Chief Minister Punjab chose him. People all over Punjab can benefit from this scheme. Well, if you also want to benefit from this program. So please read this article carefully.

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