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Negehban Ramadan Package

CM Maryam praises transparency in Negehban Ramadan Package

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Maryam Nawaz Sharif recently commended the remarkable transparency in the ‘Nigehban Ramadan Package’. This package, designed to provide relief during the holy month of Ramadan, has been hailed for its innovative approach to ensuring distribution fairness and accountability. CM Fox transparency in Negehban Ramadan Package.

Latest News Update about the Negehban Ramadan Package

Ramadan Package Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz says that we must deliver the right to the people at their doorstep, not a favor to anyone. Delivery of Ramadan packages to 64 lakh families at their doorstep is a unique record through computerized ID cards and QR codes.

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz says that my government completed Half-target. I believe Hard work is a success. transparency in Negehban Ramadan Package

رمضان پیکیج کے بارے میں تازہ ترین خبروں کی تازہ کاری

رمضان پیکج وزیر اعلیٰ مریم نواز کا کہنا ہے کہ ہمیں عوام کا حق ان کی دہلیز پر پہنچانا ہے، کسی پر احسان نہیں۔ کمپیوٹرائزڈ شناختی کارڈز اور کیو آر کوڈز کے ذریعے 64 لاکھ خاندانوں کو رمضان پیکجز ان کی دہلیز پر پہنچانا ایک منفرد ریکارڈ ہے۔

وزیر اعلیٰ مریم نواز کا کہنا ہے کہ میری حکومت نے آدھا ہدف پورا کر لیا۔ مجھے یقین ہے کہ محنتاور  ہی کامیابی ہے۔

Transparency at the core of the care package

In her recent statement, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz stressed the importance of transparency within the Nahbaan Ramadan package. Key to this transparency is the inclusion of QR codes on every package, a move aimed at promoting accountability and eliminating any potential for corruption. transparency in Negehban Ramadan Package

Relief for Millions Through Ramadan Package

One of the notable aspects of Nighaban Ramadan Package is its wide reach. Maryam Nawaz highlighted that special bags from the package have already been distributed to more than three lakh deserving families across the province, plans are underway to extend this assistance to a total of 6.4 million families. Such extensive coverage underlines the government’s commitment to ease the burden faced by its citizens during Ramadan.

 Transparency in Negehban Ramadan Package

  • QR codes are printed on each package for transparency.
  • Distribution is monitored through live dashboards and advanced technology.\
  • Special bags were delivered to more than three lakh deserving families.
  • The project plans to support a total of 6.4 million families.
  • Emphasis on maintaining high quality standards within the package.

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 Negehban Ramadan Package

How is transparency of theNegehban Ramadan Package?

Transparency is ensured by adding QR codes on each package, which allows monitoring and accountability. Additionally, a transparent and foolproof system has been devised for the distribution process, monitored with the help of advanced technology and live dashboards.

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The Nighaban Ramadan package is a proof of the government’s determination to provide transparent and effective relief to its citizens. Efforts to ensure transparency, accountability and quality in the distribution process under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz have been significant. 

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